2008 Committee on Youth and Family

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Committee on Youth and Family Members

Chair of the Committee on Youth and Family
Randy Prout

Board of Ed. Liaison
Beth Bingham

City Council Liaison
Linda Elderkin

Human Services Commissioner
Butch Henderson

Community stakeholders, we hope your organizations will contribute by providing input on the mission of your agency and how your services match the eleven goals of the Y&FMP. By participating in the process, our purpose as a Committee on Youth & Family is to improve and nurture coordination of service providers in achieving greater quality of life outcomes for Claremont's youth and families. The committee is in the process of preparing a 20092010 Progress Report to monitor the outcomes of the plan and report back to the Claremont City Council, Board of Education and community. The Committee is also working on scheduling a Service Provider Summit planned for spring 2010 to improve inter-agency communication and discuss new and emerging needs, services and partnerships. Your feedback is important on topics you would like to see covered at the Summit.

The purpose of this data gathering is to survey the efforts of service providers and to monitor the plan's outcomes community-wide. The Y&FMP Progress Report will carry out this assignment and will report the findings community-wide. The Progress Report is expected to be adopted at a joint City and Board of Education meeting in spring 2010.

Many agencies committed to the Y&FMP and quality of life in Claremont are working together to create change community-wide through initiatives that go beyond the capacity of just one program or service provider to implement. We look forward to our continued partnership with you and your agency to achieve the goals of the Y&FMP.

If you have any questions regarding this data gathering effort, please contact Nancy Krahn at nkrahn@ci.claremont.ca.us or (909) 399-5495. To submit your responses electronically, please visit the Service Providers section of this website at www.ympupdate.com/evaluation, or mail them (download the PDF here) to 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, or fax them to (909) 625-3184. Thank you for your assistance and response on or before December 17, 2009.


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Youth and Family Master Plan Report

Claremont's updated Youth and Family Master Plan (Y&FMP) is now complete. You can view the plan chapter by chapter or download the whole document here.

Youth and Family Master Plan Scorecards
Committee on Youth and Family Created to Monitor the Youth and Family Master Plan

At the July 30, 2007 joint meeting of the Board of Education and the City Council, both governing bodies unanimously voted to adopt the 2006-07 Youth and Family Master Plan (Y&FMP). The City Council also moved to initiate a standing committee to serve under the Human Services Commission to oversee the implementation of the Plan. The Board of Education supported this oversight committee through a unanimous vote of confidence. Both governing bodies requested that following the Human Services Commission's formal establishment of the committee and review and approval of the policies and procedures, that they next be brought forward to a joint meeting of both governing bodies. The Human Services Commission approved the recommendation to establish the Committee on Youth and Family (CoY&F) at their September 5, 2007 meeting and the Board and City Council adopted the policies and procedures at the November 5, 2007 joint meeting.

The Mission of the Committee

Functions of the CoY&F shall include but not be limited to the following:

  1. To address the goals of the Youth and Family Master Plan, review the status of the plan and make recommendations for updating it.
  2. To coordinate efforts to carryout the action steps to reach these goals in partnership with the City of Claremont, the Claremont Unified School District and Service Providers.
    1. Become aware of youth and family services and programs offered in Claremont and neighboring cities.
    2. Partner with other agencies in serving youth and families.
    3. Coordinate distribution of information on programs, services, and skill building opportunities for service providers and ensure accessibility of programs for youth and families.
  3. To advise, recommend, encourage and assist the City, School District and Service Providers regarding activities, programs and services for youth and families.
  4. To advise, inform and recommend to the Human Services Commission and through it to the City Council and Board of Education, programs and services needed by youth and families.
  5. Carry out methods of community-wide outreach and participatory research, taking into account the diversity of the Claremont community, to ensure change is monitored, gaps in services are reduced and needs among youth and families are regularly assessed.
  6. To annually review and evaluate existing programs through a community-wide scorecard to be reported at a joint meeting of the Human Services Commission, City Council, Board of Education and CoY&F.
  7. To be advocates for legislative issues, on local, state and federal levels, that affect the lives of youth and families and to disseminate information that will enable youth and families to actively participate in the democratic process.
  8. To review, plan for, monitor and assist in the budget process for youth and family programs.
  9. To advise in the staffing of programs and services that impacts the lives of youth and families.
  10. Advocate and promote the Claremont Youth & Family Master Plan throughout the community.
  11. To work cooperatively with staff and service providers in developing goals and evaluating outcomes consistent with the Youth and Family Master Plan.
  12. To seek and recommend grant funding to support both the sustainability and creation of new and emerging programs for youth and families.
  13. To annually establish a work plan based on the immediate action steps of the Youth and Family Master Plan.

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